Goat Milk Soap - Spearmint

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0.32 LBS

Our customers love this and say it is refreshing and rejuvenating!  Great for your morning shower.  Has just a hint of eucalyptus to give this soap an excellent, balanced, scent.  We add crushed, dried spearmint and a natural green colorant to give this soap a nice touch.  One of our most popular soaps!

We start with milk from our Nubian goats on our farm which contains lots of cream for the benefit of your skin.  We buy only the finest base oils that not only nourish your dry skin but produce a luxurious lather.  We use only all natural essential oils for our scents, not chemical produced fragrances.  All of our soap is properly cured to ensure a long lasting bar.  Our goal is to offer you a luxury bar of soap that you can afford to use every day.  We want to see every day people benefit from a less than ordinary soap.