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About Hillview Farm

We are a farm loving, God honoring, homeschooling,  family of 5.  We enjoy a life of rural living complete with goats in which we get our milk, chickens that we get our meat and eggs and garden in which we get most of our vegetables.  The land also provides us with fruit and berries as well as other resources such as fuel for our heat and hours of enjoyment basking in God's creation.  We share our farm with our boxer and livestock guardian dog as well as 5 spoiled barn cats.  All soap is made with milk from our goats, and our honey is pure and raw.

We didn't start out this way.  Edie grew up in a small town in  West Virginia and Alan here in Southern Indiana.  Edie's  heart never really left the small rural community in which she grew but the rest of her did.  After many years in the Wilderness, God became the center of  our lives and we started asking Him how he wanted us to live.  At the same time our then oldest, became continually ill with digestive problems at age 3.  Thankfully a doctor of  integrative medicine diagnosed her saying she should never drink cow milk again.  Yeah, we could get a milking goat!  Then our family was introduced to making bread with fresh milled flour and the health benefits that it entailed.  Once you start learning about what our food goes through before you get it, you realize only you can help to stop feeding the big food machine that runs this country.  Alan wound up going to a sustainable food conference hosted by Joel Salitin.  So..we started raising and butchering  meat birds over our small farm in Southern Indiana.  Sometime during all of this Alan took up beekeeping  and due to my dry, cracking hands (and needing something to do with all the milk) we started making soap.  After several confirmations we wound up selling our farm without even putting a sign in the yard and heading to Harrison county where we get to live on lots of land with lots of privacy near the grandparents.  We are presently living our life homeschooling our 2 biological children and 1 adopted child and trying to balance (if there is such a thing) our life between simplicity and the  American Dream.  We really feel sometimes that it may be impossible and wonder if God will someday call us to go to one way or the other.

Isa 7:22 And because of the abundance of the milk they give, he will have curds to eat. All who remain in the land will eat curds and honey

You can contact us by:
PH:  502-445-9581
email: ediecrone@gmail.com

We are located at:
5200 Cardinal Drive
Depauw, IN 47115